Laboratory support

With decades of experience in food ingredients Acatris has gained a broad technical know-how in a wide range of applications. Our product portfolio contains all kinds of stabilizer systems, emulsifiers, thickeners, flavours, vitamins etc. which can be used in applications like ice cream, dairy, bakery, confectionery, beverages, soups and sauces, ready-to use mixes. We are continuously optimizing and innovating our portfolio.

Food products are mostly complex systems, which should fulfill a wide range of requirements, like specific desired texture, taste, process and product stability.  In our application lab we have small-scale equipment available to test the functionality of our products in a wide range of applications. Our application specialists have a broad technical know-how and experience and translate this to customer demands. For analytical purpose we have equipment available like rheometers, texture analyzers and a particle size analyzer.  These analytical techniques give us a precise understanding of the properties of our products both in a model systems and in the complete food matrix.

With our extended product database we can quickly offer food solutions in most application areas. We support our customers to meet challenges and solve problems. Besides this we also cooperate in projects  to improve and innovate customers products with our Pectacon® stabilizer systems. To meet demands of today’s products we are continuously looking for innovative food solutions which fit the current market trends, like organic, clean label or sugar free.

More information about our food solutions?

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