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    Pectacon® Stabilizer Systems

    To create a truly successful food formula, you need an excellent stabilizer system. Acatris has been active in the development and production of stabilizer systems for more than 40 years. Our expertise goes beyond stabilizer know-how and includes your product, processes and ingredients and their interaction with each other.

    Our expertise is inherent to each of the stabilizer systems that we offer within the Acatris Pectacon® brand. The current Pectacon® range contains more than 5000 stabilizer systems that have been extensively tested in different applications and have proven to be effective under most difficult circumstances. Therefore we can proudly say that we are 'Strong in Stabilizer Systems'.

    To give you an impression of our capabilities we have put some examples of our stabilizing systems on this website. You can look them up by searching in the menu on the left side. Mind you, these systems are only a small sample of our complete portfolio, so if you can not find what you are looking for please contact our sales department for further info.

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    Clean Label and Organic Products

    Acatris offers several Organic and Clean Label ingredients, and is also capable of producing and developing Organic certified and/or Clean Label premixes. 

    Our Organic and Clean Label product portfolio is expanding quite rapidly. Please find some examples of products we can offer below;

    - Guar Gum
    - Locust Bean Gum
    - Freeze Dried Fruits
    - Starches
    - Malt Flours
    - Fibres
    - Premixes for ice cream, custard, bavaroise, custard etc.

    Please contact our sales department to find out which other Organic and Clean Label ingredients are available and suitable for your application. We also have the possibility to develop a tailor-made premix especially designed to fit your specific needs.

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    Single Ingredients

    Acatris has been a renowned distributor in the food industry for many years. Over the years we have established partnerships with a selective range of food ingredient manufacturers who are producing according to the highest industry standards. With our knowledge from the market, applications and ingredients, we are a local key player in the success of our principals to stay in contact with the market and introduce their products. 

    Besides distribution Acatris also provides single ingredients under the Acsoli® single ingredient brand name. Acsoli® products are price competitive, high quality products sourced at reliable producers and checked by Acatris QA. The range of the Acsoli® single ingredients is expanding rapidly, so please contact our sales department to learn what products we can currently offer.

More information about our food solutions?

Please contact our sales team:

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