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    In the bakery segment there are many different applications where Pectacon® stabilizers can support you to create the perfect product. Focus areas for Pectacon® products in this segment are bakery creams and fillings, glazings and moisture binders for pies. 

    Next to these solutions we also supply some specialty products for the bakery segment, like for example an instant premium stabilizer for various cream and filling applications.




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    The beverage industry is a challenging business always looking for new innovations and marketing concepts. The technical challenges are diverse. Acatris offers various Pectacon® stabilizer solutions for diverse beverages, like fruit juices, fruit drinks, lemonades, alcoholic beverages, dairy drinks and cocktail concepts. Stabilizer systems can be added for example to provide extra mouthfeel, to prevent sedimentation or flotation of small particles, to lower sugar content and to stabilize foam.

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    Confectionery is a collective term for a wide range of sweet food products with different forms and textures. Gelation, texture formation and flavour are important parameters in confectionary products. Pectacon® stabilizer systems are designed to meet these specifically desired parameters, and offer you various solutions to achieve the desired product properties.

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    Dairy products are complex colloidal systems containing proteins and fat. Heat treatment and fermentation can cause destabilization of the proteins and separation of whey and fat. Pectacon® stabilizer systems are designed to maintain stability and at the same time add desired properties to the product. Whether it is a natural fermented product, a traditional pudding or an aerated dairy dessert like a mousse or parfait, Pectacon® stabilizer systems facilitate the creation of consumer preferred dairy products. 


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    Fruit and Vegetables

    In the fruit and vegetables segment there are many different applications where Pectacon® stabilizers can support you to create the perfect product. Pectacon® stabilizer systems can control parameters like texture, slicability, shelf life, mouthfeel and moist retention.

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    Fruit Preparations

    Fruit preparations are used in a variety of applications. From tradional household jam to fruit fillings for bakery products, yoghurt or ice cream. The desired properties of the fruit preparations vary widely form one application to another. 

    Pectacon® stabilizer systems offer you a complete product line for all kinds of fruit preparations; from high to low Brix, bake stable when needed and spreadable or firm as desired. Even a whippable fruit preparation can be prepared easily with our Pectacon® know-how.

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    Ice Cream

    Ice cream is a complex matrix with many challenges. Mouthfeel, melting behaviour, texture, stability, flavour release and resistance to heat shock are important attributes. Acatris has a lot of experience in the field of ice cream production and offers a wide range of specially developed Pectacon® solutions for various types of ice cream, varying from industrial hardened milk ice cream to sorbets, Organic and Clean Label E-number free solutions.



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    Meat and Fish

    Manufacturers in the meat industry are always looking for ways to innovate their products or to reduce costs. Important aspects can be cooking yield, a firm bite, spreadability or good sliceability of the end product. Acatris has developed a series of Pectacon® stabilizer systems for meat applications to fulfill the demand for these aspects.

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    Ready Meals

    A ready meal is a prepacked, frozen or chilled meal which is usually heated in a microwave or oven before serving. Taste, preservation and stabilisation of these meals are important challenges. Acatris offers various Pectacon® stabilizer systems which meet the high demands for ready meals, for example sauce stabilizers and premixes, a base mix for roux and stabilizers for various potato products.

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    Soups and Sauces

    Making good quality soups and sauces is a complex process. Whether it is hot or cold processed, emulsified, re-heated in a microwave or used in chilled or frozen ready meal, the soup or sauce needs to maintain its desired properties.

    Acatris has developed several Pectacon® stabilizer systems to meet demands related to complex process conditions, mouthfeel and appearance, cling, emulsion stability, flavour release, (re-) heat resistance and freeze/thaw stability. 

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