Would you like to make your ice cream even creamier and tastier? Acatris CreamBOOST IC is the answer!

Acatris has done intensive research on a new production process, creating a perfect balance in cost and quality to meet the requirements of our customers. Through this research project Acatris has succesfully developed several stabilizer systems for the production of indulgent ice cream with enhanced creaminess and rich texture at low cost level. The differences between these stabilizer systems lie in the balance between creaminess, cost-in-use, texture and meltdown properties. For example the M-6487 provides the highest level of creaminess followed by the other products, the M-6370 provides the best meltdown resistance. More information can be found on the CreamBOOST flyer.

Please contact our sales department to find out which CreamBOOST IC stabilizer system is most suitable for your application. Or order your test kit now to test the differences in your ice cream recipe.

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