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    Carob Powders

    Carob powder is powder from the dried and sometimes roasted pods of the carob tree. It is mainly used as an ingredient in syrups, cakes and cookies to add flavour and colour, and can be used as a (partial) cocoa powder replacer.

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    Chocolate Coated, Croquant and Nougat Products

    Acatris is working with the Swiss-based company Hans Kaspar AG to supply their products to customers in the Benelux. We can offer three main categories of products; chocolate-coated products, croquants and nougats.

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    Colours are an important part of food products. The attractiveness of a product can be hugely improved by using either natural or synthetic colours. Especially the implementation of natural colours can provide several challenges to overcome for food producers. Acatris can help you every step of the way, due to our extensive experience in this field of expertise, combined with the knowledge of our key suppliers.

  • Melkpoeder

    Dairy Ingredients

    Acatris can supply a full range of powdered dairy ingredients like milk powders, cream powders and whey powders. We can also provide specific dairy-powder blends, tailored to produce for example ice cream with extra creaminess or yoghurt with a high protein content. 

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    Dairy Starter Cultures

    Starter cultures are micro organisms, that ferment a product and lead to the desired taste or structure. They are used in production of fermented milk products like cheese, butter, and yoghurts.

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    Egg Products

    Egg products are an important basis for many bakery products, but are also used in meat, soups, sauces, confectionery and beverages. 

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    Emulsifiers are among the most frequently used types of food additives. They are used to make an emulsion: a mixture of oil and water (e.g. mayonnaise), which would separate in these two phases when the emulsifier would not be added. There are two types of emulsions. An oil-in-water emulsion contains small droplets of oil that are dispersed in water. Alternatively, a water-in-oil emulsion has small droplets of water that are dispersed in an oil. Acatris can provide the most common types of emulsifiers available for use in food systems.

  • Breads


    Enzymes are proteins with an active centre, that catalyse naturally occuring reactions. They are mostly used in bakery, brewery and fruit processing applications, but also find their way more and more to other application areas like dairy products.

  • Vetpoeder

    Fat Powders

    Acatris supplies several types of powdered fat products, such as creamers, milk fat replacers, foamers, toppings and regular milk or vegetable fat powders with a fat content up to 80%.

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    Dietary fibre is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants.

    There are two main types:

    • Soluble fibre dissolves in water. It is readily fermented in the colon into gases and physiologically active by products, and can be prebiotic and/or viscous. Soluble fibres tend to slow the movement of food through the system.

    • Insoluble fibre does not dissolve in water. It can be metabolically inert and provide bulking, or it can be prebiotic and metabolically ferment in the large intestine. Bulking fibres absorb water as they move through the digestive system. Insoluble fibres tend to accelerate the movement of food through the system.

    Acatris can provide several types of fibre, both soluble and insoluble. 

  • flavors

    Flavours and Extracts

    Flavours are a crucial part of every end product. A flavour can be subtally used to enhance or mask an off-flavour, but can also perform a very dominant role and almost solely determine the taste experience of a product.

    Acatris represents Symrise AG in the Netherlands. Symrise is one of the worlds leading flavour producers, but offers the food industry more than just flavours. They also deliver concepts, ideas and complete solutions, and supply innovative products that provide the market with new impulses and help the industry to tap into the full potential of its brands and products.


  • Silica

    Free Flowing Agents

    Free flowing agents can be used as a carrier for liquid ingredients, to promote flowability of a powder product, to prevent lumping or to prevent bridge formation in powdery products.

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    Fruits, Grains and Vegetables

    Acatris offers several different types of fruit and vegetables, ranging from paste to dried products.

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    Honey Liquid and Powders

    Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers, and suitable to use as a sweetener in various food products. Acatris offers a variety of Honey products, both in liquid and powder form, with several liquid types also available in Organic or Fair Trade quality.

  • Mout

    Malt products

    Malt products are an important ingredient in the bakery industry, where they are used to give extra colour and flavour to breads, or as decorative pieces. Malt products are available in different sizes and colours which vary from slightly brownish to almost black.

  • Glucose_Syrup

    Maltodextrins and Sugar Syrups

    Maltodextrins and sugar syrups are used as sweeteners and bulking agents in many different food products. Produced mainly through enzymatic or acid hydrolysis of starch, these products can originate from several starch containing crops like wheat, rice or maize. Acatris works closely together with Eurosweet GmbH, providing tailor made sugar-, starch- or polyol syrups in various packaging sizes from cans to bulk.

  • vleesjus

    Meat and Fish Bouillons, Stocks and Extracts

    Meat and Fish bouillons are produced by soft extraction, a method which is not frequently used in Europe but essential to preserve a pure and natural taste. Our producers are experts in extracting the purest flavoured first bouillon from the best meats, bones and vegetables. After extraction, the first bouillon is slowly reduced to a honey-like consistency. Using this extraction and reduction process, we able to produce bouillons, sauce bases to the standards of top-class chefs on an industrial scale.

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    Acatris primary field of expertise is stabilizers and thickeners. We have been selling and distributing these ingredients for over 40 years now, and have become true experts on how to use them. Stability, moisture retention, gelling and changing mouthfeel are only a few of the attributes that can be modified through addition of these ingredients.




  • stevia


    A sweetener is used to sweeten food. There are two main categories of sweeteners: 

    • Intensive sweeteners; ingredients which have a higher sweetening power than sugar, for example Steviol Glycosides (Stevia Extract) which is about 300 times more sweet than sugar. 
    • Bulk sweeteners; sweeteners with a sweetening power less intensive than sugar, for example erythritol which has about 70% of the sweetening power of sucrose. 


    In practice usually a combination of bulk- and intensive sweeteners is used to replace sugar, because sugar content is important for many other product properties besides only the taste. Water activity or freeze point depression for example are strongly dependant on sugar content.

  • Infant Nutrition

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Acatris can provide several types of vitamins and minerals, and also tailor-made premixes of these components to specifically suit our customers needs. We know which types of vitamins and minerals are most suitable for different applications. Furthermore; in very specific cases, coated vitamins or minerals can be applied, for example to increase shelf life, to protect sensitive vitamins from severe processing conditions or to prevent unwanted interactions with other ingredients.


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