Chocolate Coated, Croquant and Nougat Products

Acatris is working with the Swiss-based company Hans Kaspar AG to supply their products to customers in the Benelux. The three main categories of products they can offer are:

Chocolate-Coated Products

Chocolate-covered rice or wheat crisps, along with roasted and chocolate-covered nut slivers are popular additives to ice-cream, biscuit, muesli, yoghurt or chocolate products. Our chocolate-coated products can also be used for unique decoration to any finished product.


A wide variety of nuts are sliced using traditional production technology in our roasting plant, then blended with various types of sugar and refined to croquant in special, gas-heated roasters. They are then calibrated according to customer requirements. Other materials can be used to make croquant in addition to nuts, such as pure cacao nips or puffed rice.


A wide variety of nougat and caramel chips are manufactured on a traditional caramel production line. The customer decides whether a classic caramel almond nougat is suited for the end product or perhaps an innovative product, such as sesame ginger nougat.

For a complete overview of the various products we can offer please consult the Hans Kaspar Product Range 2014, or contact our sales department to find out which type of product is best suitable for your application.


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