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    Sucrose esters

    Sucrose esters of fatty acids (E473, sucrose esters) and sucrose oligo esters are a unique group of emulsifiers. Sucrose esters are produced by esterifying sucrose with fatty acids. By varying the degree of esterification of the sucrose molecule it is possible to obtain emulsifiers with a very broad range of HLB values, ranging from 1 up to 16. HLB stands for Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance, which is a measure for the affinity of a molecule with either water or fat. In the EU sucrose esters ranging from HLB 5 up to 16 are allowed for use in food.

    Sucrose esters have some very specific properties which makes them suitable for some applications in which other emulsifiers do not suffice;

    - Wide HLB spectrum
    - Non-sticking effect
    - Smooth mouthfeel effect in ice cream 
    - Neutral in taste, odour and colour
    - Soluble in (cold) water
    - Stable under UHT conditions
    - Renewable raw materials
    - Kosher, Halal, non-GMO, vegetarian

Acatris has several grades of sucrose esters available, please contact our sales department to find out which grade is most suitable for your application.

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