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    Brewery Enzymes

    Brewery enzymes are most often used in the brewing proces to gain higher yield and thus save costs. Extraction can be optimised and other bottlenecks (like filtration) relieved by using the enzymes ability to optimize the use of variable raw materials. Brewing enzymes supplement the natural enzymes present in the used grains, to give e.g. more consistent mashing. This addition is particularly useful when unmalted barley or other adjuncts are used, because these only have a low enzyme content.

    Some benefits of using enzymes in brewery:

    - Higher Yield
    - Less energy consumption
    - More consistent mashing
    - Higher inclusion of adjuncts
    - Higher amount of soluble proteins 


Acatris has several single types and blends of brewery enzymes available, please contact our sales department to find out which type is most suitable for your application.

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