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    Air Dried Fruits, Vegetables and Spices

    Air dried fruits, vegetables and spices have been dried to extend their shelf life. The product quality is guaranteed by using the best raw materials and best possible drying equipment. Dehydration of the products is done in a very careful way, by means of close temperature and air flow monitoring. Because of this close monitoring process the nutritional and organoleptic degradation during the drying process is minimized.

    Once dehydrated, the products are transferred to the dry processing area, where they undergo different operations such as size sorting (sorted by differences of up to a tenth of a millimeter), sorting by density, colour selection (advanced artificial vision techniques), size reduction, grinding (up to maximum levels), packaging and palletisation.

Acatris has a complete range of air dried products available, please contact our sales department to find out which product is most suitable for your application.

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